What to see before opting Fencing for Your Dogs

Residential fencing is essential especially if you have a naughty dog! Also, if you are a pet owner who wants its furry friend to have that perfect fence in the backyard, you are at the right place! Bytown Fence provides one of the best residential fencing services in Ottawa. But today we want to help you select the perfect fence for that little munchkin.

There is not a fence that works for every dog. Your pup has unique traits and the kind of fencing required for the yard depends on the same. Before we discuss the different kinds of fences available, let’s talk about the factors that you should keep in mind before opting for any kind of residential fencing services.

  1. Material – The kind of fence material that you select should be such which cannot be chewed or dug through by your dog. Depending on the strength of your pet, the fence material should be strong, durable, and have the ability to tackle problems.
  2. Height – The height of the fence should be determined by keeping in mind the size of your dog. It should not be short enough for your dog to jump over it and go wandering on its own.
  3. Privacy – If your dog barks too much, the perfect fence will help you get the privacy that may be required. It will block the view of your dog and it will not be able to see the neighbors or other animals taking a walk.
  4. Other Animals – If your house is in an area that resides other animals as well, then it is important to get the right kind of fence. It will help prevent unwanted guests from entering the property and having a war with your pet.

Suitable Kinds of Fences

  1. Metal Fence – A lot of pet owners prefer to install an aluminum or steel fence. Although, if you have a tiny dog then it may not be the right choice. Metal fences usually have evenly-spaced bars from where small pups can slip through. If your dog is large enough to “not” fit through those bars then the metal fence is a great option owing to its strength and durability.
  2. PVC Fence – A lot of dog owners find this PVC fence beneficial as it is durable and strong. If you contact the right vinyl fence Ottawa company, it will give you a variety of design options to select for your backyard.
  3. Wood Fence – You can select either a custom-made wood fence or a pre-made design fence to suit the backyard. A wooden fence is beneficial when you have a dog as they do not have any large spaces through which your dog might slip. Although if your dog has a furry friend around the block, you can ask the fencing company to opt for some space between the fence posts.

Contact Bytown Fence and the experts will know the kind of commercial fence you want for your dog. The team will help you with the best solution possible for your dog’s needs.

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