Steps to Maintain Your Fence Every Year


A fence is one of the most common aspects of property lines nowadays. Do you fall in that common category? If yes, then it is important to take certain steps every year to maintain the fence. Cleaning, staining, and performing routine care are compulsory. A lot of people do not realize the importance of a trusted commercial fencing service and try to master everything on their own. But if you do not want to keep the fence in a poor condition, always take the right steps for its long life.

When a fence is neglected, it looks cheap and rotten. To make it look like new again, hire the best commercial fencing service today! Apart from that, take the following steps every year to make sure that the fence is in good shape –



  1. Clean the Fence: Cleaning is a part and parcel of life. So, when we talk about cleaning the fence, it should not be a surprising inclusion. You should always make sure that the fence is cleaned so that there is no dirt or debris found in it over time. The process of cleaning completely depends on the kind of fence you have installed. This will vary from spraying down the fence with a hose to utilizing a pressure washer. You can also go for certain cleaners for wiping down the fence effectively.

  2. Inspect the Fence: A lot of people underestimate the importance of residential fencing services. What they do not know is that professionals can inspect the fence like no other. Most of the fencing service experts know what they are looking for. This makes it easy for them to identify if the fence requires any kind of repair. Even if the fence looks perfect from the outside, there might be a possibility of structural damage or insect attack that you cannot know about. If you hire a commercial fencing service, it will spare you the heartbreak of a destroyed fence.

  3. Seal the Fence: Depending on the fence material, sealing is required. For example; if the fence is made of wood, there should be a protective sealant for the fence. It will not only enhance the overall look of the fence but also keep it in good condition. A protective seal also prevents the attack of insects, mold, and mildew. Some of the weather elements can easily destroy your fence. This seal acts as a protective layer against the same. So, do not forget to use it every year!

  4. Prune Around the Fence: In case your fence is surrounded by shrubs, plants, and bushes; take out some time to prune them every year. If organic material comes in contact with the fence, it can lead to decay and damage. So, keep these natural plants away from the fence so that there is no issue in the near future.

If you take these steps every year, we promise that your fence will stay in optimal condition. Looking for the best residential fencing services? Bytown Fence is here for you! We will make sure that your fence always looks like new.

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