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Ottawa fence repair calls for highly skilled professionals that will recommend the most suitable fence replacement, repair, or upgrades, depending on your type of fence. So, when you are looking for fence repairs, it’s advisable to go for experts with years of experience in installing and repairing fences for residential homes.

We offer Custom Ottawa Fence Repair Solutions

A good fence should withstand varying weather conditions while still maintaining a polished look. Any signs of wear and tear or rot in your fencing should prompt you to schedule our professional Ottawa fence repair services.

Each fence type is unique in appearance and material finish and thus calls for a custom approach when repairing fence posts, rails, or gates. Some common types of fences that we install and repair include:

· Wood Fence

Pressure-treated wood such as cedar and redwood are ideal for the outdoors as it withstands the sun, frost, snow, rain, and wind. Although these woods are rot-resistant even below ground, they are still vulnerable to slow wear and tear.

Sections of wood fence that starts to rot should be replaced or repaired promptly to prevent costly future repairs and lengthen their lifespan.

· Chain Link Fence | Fence Repair Experts 

Chain link fences are sturdy and beautiful; they can last up to 15 years and are easy and affordable to install and maintain. While they may last longer than some wood fencing alternatives, they tend to sag due to stretched tension wires or loose support posts.

Additionally, rust and frequent use of the fence gate can also compromise the strength of the hinges. Scheduling inspection and repairs every few months can maintain your home’s curb appeal to give it more value.

· PVC Fence |Fence Repair near me

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) fence is an excellent alternative to wood fencing; this plastic-based material is low maintenance and doesn’t rot as wood does. It also comes in various colors and styles and can be textured to have a wood-like appearance.

While PVC is a resilient, stylish, and carefree fencing material, extreme weather conditions can make some PVC posts brittle over a long period, making them crack and appear less appealing. Bytown Fence Repair Experts know just how to replace these worn-out sections of the fence to restore its aesthetics.

· Iron Fences | Ottawa Fence Repair 

Iron fences are popular in Ottawa as they withstand harsh weather, require low maintenance, and are highly durable. Although they are long-lasting, they are vulnerable to weathering and, as a result, may rust and crack in various places.

This wear and tear may cause your fence to look worn out and rusty and may even cause some posts to be loose. Our fence repair experts can help to control the rust or replace any posts along your wrought iron fence to restore its appeal and lengthen its lifespan.

Why You Should Regularly Maintain Your Fence

A perimeter fencing around your residential home provides a safe environment where children and pets can play while preventing them from wandering off.

Additionally, scheduling regular inspections and repairs can save you a fortune in whole-fence replacements. As soon as you notice any weak links, repair or replace individual fence parts before the damage spreads even further.

Finally, a well-maintained fence not only improves your home’s curb appeal and aesthetics but also offers your family security for a long time.

In Conclusion | Fence Repair in Ottawa

Fence repairs require professional skills to ensure you get quality material installations. Our Bytown Fence Repair Experts have experience dealing with different fence types, serving Ottawa residents with a high level of craftsmanship since 1989. Contact us today to learn more about our fence installation and repair services.

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