Why a Chain Link Fence Works for Your Backyard

Chain Link Fence

A fence creates a barrier around your property, protecting your home from intruders. There are many types of fences, but none are as durable and affordable as the chain-link fence that has been around for decades. A chain-link fence in Ottawa can be adapted in many homesteads because of its flexibility and simple design. Let’s take a closer look at why the chain-link fence is ideal for most Ottawa homes.

1. The Fence Is Affordable

One of the pros of installing a chain-link fence is that you’ll have to part with less money than fences like the white picket fence. Other parts used when installing the chain-link fence are also found locally at inexpensive prices. Labor costs should be low, although it depends on where and how you want the chain-link fence set up. For homeowners that have a large area of land to cover, the chain-link fence is the best bet for cost-efficiency.

2. Effective Containment

One of the reasons homeowners set up chain-link fences is to keep animals inside the compound and other animals outside. Say, for example, that you have dogs or chickens on your piece of land; the chain-link fence will successfully keep them inside because it scales too high for them to jump over. If your dogs like to dig themselves out of the compound, you can modify the fencing design to have some chain-link fence cover the ground.

3. Low Maintenance

Your chain-link fence in Ottawa will require little to no maintenance once it’s properly set up. The fence may eventually rust, especially if constantly exposed to moisture or precipitation, but this will take years, if not decades, to happen. Alternatively, you can invest in a good coating to prevent the chain-link fence from rusting. Professional chain-link installers should be hired, so no gaps are left, causing rust.

4. You Can Decorate It

If you are skeptical about the aesthetic appeal of a chain-link fence, don’t be. There are many ways you can make your fence look better. You can try painting it or weaving beautiful decorations through it. You can even hand decorations on it. Whatever you choose, your chain-link fence in Ottawa will still keep your home safe.

5. It’s Flexible and Easy to Work With

Chain-link fences can go round sharp bends with the slightest effort from the installer. This way, the installation process is not difficult and takes less time. What’s more, you can grow plants along the base of the chain-link fence for foliage. Vines grow perfectly on chain-link fences because they twirl along the wire for extra support. Planting trees along a chain-link fence will also increase privacy for your Ottawa home. Homeowners have recently picked up planting fruit trees along chain-link fences, which makes fruit available for the family at a moment’s notice.

The Bottom Line

A chain-link fence is simple and easy to put up around the home. It can be done at a moment’s notice with minimal planning and equipment. Once set up, a chain-link fence will last decades with little maintenance work needed. In addition, because of its flexible nature, the fence can take the shape of your backyard, however obscure it is.

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