Chain Link Fence Ottawa Prices

Chain-link fencing is not as aesthetically attractive as most other fence types. Most chain link fence Ottawa prices are reasonable without skimping on work quality or job performance. Nationwide, homeowners usually spend approximately $1241 to $5194, including professional labor costs, installing a standard chain-link fence. This averages to an overall cost of about $3218.

Most Ottawa fencing contractors charge for installation by the linear foot. They generally charge an average rate of approximately $23 per linear foot for chain-link fencing. However, other factors could also influence this rate. For instance, depending on project-specific factors, such as the chain-link mesh’s gauge, height of the fence, etc., this rate could range between $12 and $33 per linear foot.

How would you know the price for your chain-link fence? We gathered the following five steps you need to take for defining a chain link fence price in Ottawa.

Determine Your Cost Estimate by Size

It goes without saying that the more chain link you need for your Ottawa project, the more expensive it is for you. Considering that most Ottawa contractors charge approximately $23 per linear foot, as discussed above, you need to ask yourself how many linear feet of chain-link fence do you need? Then multiply it by $23 to estimate your project’s overall chain link fence Ottawa price.

Consider Other Factors Affecting the Chain Link Fence Ottawa Prices

Even if chain-link fences appear exceedingly simple, they vary from project to project, meaning their respective overall cost also varies. Some have thicker wires, some are extra tall, and some feature premium protective coatings. These different chain-link types for professional installation have different price points, some as high as $6935 or as low as $780.

Consider Extra Services

Chain link fence Ottawa prices also vary depending on whether you have to pay for extra services upfront when installing your fence. For example, you need to establish if there are any obstacles that your contractor needs to remove, like trees, bushes, or stumps. In such cases, the added cost is approximately $385 to $1070 per tree, $175 to $516 per stump, and $75 to $125 per bush. On the same note, remember that the fence replacement factor can also come into play.

Estimate the Overall DIY Cost

The number of steps shouldn’t intimidate you if you’re a DIY enthusiast because the chain-link installation process is actually pretty simple. As long as you can set up the corner and end posts using some concrete, the rest of the work doesn’t demand too much construction expertise. The key is highlighting the equipment and materials needed for your DIY chain-link fence and their approximate total prices.

Determine the Chain-link Fence Installation Cost by Location

Significantly few regional factors affect the overall cost of installing a chain-link fence. Still, with your chain link fence, Ottawa prices can vary considerably depending on where you reside. For instance, a fencing contractor in rural areas probably charges less for labor and materials than those in metropolitan regions. You can accurately define a price for your chain link fence in Ottawa with such information.

Final Word

Looking at chain-link fencing from a DIY and professional installation standpoint, it is less costly than other fences. So you get to choose between saving some extra cash by going the DIY route, or saving time by hiring a fencing professional.

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