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Fence Builders Ottawa

September 16th, 2022

The fence is an often-overlooked part of a house that performs many essential functions. A privacy fence is an excellent investment for several reasons, including the reduction of security breaches (from animals and possible burglars) and noise (from neighbors). You can choose fence builders Ottawa to get your fence installed or DIY. However, fence installation may be labor-intensive, so it’s wise to arm yourself with knowledge before getting started. Here […]

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Fall Fence Installation Ottawa

August 29th, 2022

It’s common to think of spring as the best time of year to do outside home improvement tasks, but October is delightful, too. Even though summer is winding down, getting a gorgeous new fence for your property is not too late. With a wide variety of high-quality materials to pick from and a skilled installation crew, you can have your fence up and ready to go after Labor Day, giving […]

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Commercial Fencing Ottawa

July 24th, 2022

As a business owner or manager, the safety of your staff and assets is vital. After all, mishaps like theft could set you back and cause time and money loss. That’s why you should secure your business with a high-quality commercial fence. Commercial fencing provides increased privacy, controlled access and an aesthetic appeal to your business. Here’s what to look for when choosing the best commercial fencing service provider in […]

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Chain Link Fence Ottawa Prices

June 17th, 2022

Chain-link fencing is not as aesthetically attractive as most other fence types. Most chain link fence Ottawa prices are reasonable without skimping on work quality or job performance. Nationwide, homeowners usually spend approximately $1241 to $5194, including professional labor costs, installing a standard chain-link fence. This averages to an overall cost of about $3218. Most Ottawa fencing contractors charge for installation by the linear foot. They generally charge an average […]

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Why a Chain Link Fence Works for Your Backyard

May 17th, 2022

A fence creates a barrier around your property, protecting your home from intruders. There are many types of fences, but none are as durable and affordable as the chain-link fence that has been around for decades. A chain-link fence in Ottawa can be adapted in many homesteads because of its flexibility and simple design. Let’s take a closer look at why the chain-link fence is ideal for most Ottawa homes. […]

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PVC Fence Post Ottawa

April 29th, 2022

PVC fencing proves to be the best fencing you can use in your yard. However, the fences are not worth it unless you use quality fencing material and install the PVC fences professionally. Professional fencing guarantees you a long-lasting fence that will keep strangers off your yard. Installing a PVC fence might be simple, but there can be more to it than you think. If you want to install your […]

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Barrhaven Fence Contractor | 2022

April 4th, 2022

Bytown Fence is a Barrhaven Fence Contractor able to start immediately. If one of your spring home improvement chores is to construct a new fence, you may want to rethink that schedule. You may be wondering whether you can put up the fence in the winter. And the answer is emphatically yes. Fence installation in the autumn or winter has a number of advantages for your budget and lifestyle. You […]

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Fence Contractor Ottawa

November 4th, 2021

Reasons Why You Should Evaluate Your Fence Contractor Ottawa Over The Winter When it comes to installing a fence in the winter, there are many beliefs, some of which are not true. On the contrary, winter is arguably the best time to be evaluating your fence contractor Ottawa for many reasons. Notably, your backyard is looking sparse now that winter has come. They have all been eaten by the bees. […]

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Ottawa Fence Repair Experts

October 25th, 2021

Ottawa fence repair calls for highly skilled professionals that will recommend the most suitable fence replacement, repair, or upgrades, depending on your type of fence. So, when you are looking for fence repairs, it’s advisable to go for experts with years of experience in installing and repairing fences for residential homes. We offer Custom Ottawa Fence Repair Solutions A good fence should withstand varying weather conditions while still maintaining a […]

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Fall Fence Tips in Ottawa

September 22nd, 2021

Your fence can serve you for many years, but it requires proper care and maintenance, especially in winter. Some homeowners forget that fencing is an essential part of their garden and overlook regular maintenance. Whether you have a reliable and durable fence, you want to know how to take care of it and ensure it serves you for the long term. If you aren’t sure how to get started, you […]

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Why a Wrought Iron Fence?

June 22nd, 2021

Deciding what type of fence to install around your home in Ottawa can be stressful, particularly if you have special preferences. A wrought iron fence Ottawa solution comes with many perks that make it one of the popular choices for homeowners, not to mention its sophisticated look that never goes out of style. Whether you are looking to upgrade your fence, or have finished building your house, and a fence […]

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Benefits of Chain Link Fencing in Ottawa

March 27th, 2021

Choosing the right type of fencing for your property can be an overwhelming task. This is because the options in the market are numerous, and each comes with its merits and demerits. But with a little knowledge about the various types available, you can easily narrow down your options based on your budget and the reasons for having a fence. A lot of Ottawa homeowners choose chain link fencing due […]

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Build a PVC Fence at Home in 7-Easy Steps

January 25th, 2021

Considering installing a new PVC fence around your home, garden, or office? Many of today’s home improvement seekers are turning to PVC fencing for enhancing their personal privacy and home décor. These projects include outdoor PVC fence Ottawa projects.  Homeowners and home builders are using PVC for easy and affordable fencing projects around the home. Building a PVC fence is an easy project. Complete your PVC Ottawa projects by following […]

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Why Select Wooden Fence for Your Property?

November 30th, 2020

Whether you are looking for a sturdy and reliable fence for your commercial or private property, a wooden fence is an excellent choice. It not only blends with every kind of property setting but eco-friendly as well. If you maintain a wooden fence properly, it can last for decades and save a lot of costs. An experienced and reliable fence installation Ottawa company will know how to set up the […]

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What to see before opting Fencing for Your Dogs

November 24th, 2020

Residential fencing is essential especially if you have a naughty dog! Also, if you are a pet owner who wants its furry friend to have that perfect fence in the backyard, you are at the right place! Bytown Fence provides one of the best residential fencing services in Ottawa. But today we want to help you select the perfect fence for that little munchkin. There is not a fence that […]

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