Build Fence on an Uneven Ground

Build Fence on an Uneven Ground - Bytown Fence

If you build a good fence, it can always enhance the look of your property. It will not only improve the value of your house or business property but also make it safer for you by adding some privacy.

There are a variety of fence options available to complement your landscape. Wood is natural but requires maintenance. Vinyl is naturally appealing and low maintenance. Stone is durable and suitable for shorter fences.

So, now you have decided to hire a commercial fencing service, picked the right material and style. But there is just one small problem – your property is on uneven ground. Building a fence is already hard but building it on that kind of land? If you want to get a fence installed on uneven land, there are some things you should know.


3 Fence Options for Uneven Ground

  • Stepped Fencing – If your house has a steep slope, your best option is stepped fencing. Here, every panel is a step over the earlier panel. It will not give you the smooth and even fence lines like a regular fence but accommodate steep slopes without any excessive slant fence line. The drawback is that there is a triangular open space in the middle of every panel and the sloping ground underneath it. If there are small kids or pets, this is not possible. In this case, you require a completely closed fence. Combine the stepped fence with landscaping. Fill the remaining spaces with grass seed and new soil.

  • Level-Topped Fencing– If your ground has rises and dips, you can install level-topped fencing. It is just a fancy name for a fence installed on flat ground. It includes a top that is leveled-up across the way. This fence can also be installed with some landscaping addition. You can fill the low spots with grass weed and soil. If there are big dips, fill them will rocks and cover the top with dirt. You can also plant bushes to hide any irregularities.

  • Racking Fencing– Stacking fence is a new technology. Here the fences refer to the prefabricated fencing panels where pickets are attached to the railing. The posts can be placed at various levels and the angles of the slope are followed by the rails. The benefit of installing a racking fence is that the pickets grow closer as the grade of slope increases.

Custom Fencing

The best solution for steep slopes and undulating terrains is a custom fence. Bytown Fence has been building all kinds of fences for years. Whether you want a residential fence or commercial chain link fence, we are here for you at every step of the way. Trusted since 1989, this Ottawa fencing company has built its reputation through client feedbacks and loyalty. We repair damaged fences and install new ones for every kind of property. All you have to do is trust us! Contact us and get your quotes today without burning a hole in your pocket.

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