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Bytown Fence is a Barrhaven Fence Contractor able to start immediately. If one of your spring home improvement chores is to construct a new fence, you may want to rethink that schedule. You may be wondering whether you can put up the fence in the winter. And the answer is emphatically yes. Fence installation in the autumn or winter has a number of advantages for your budget and lifestyle. You don’t have to wait until spring to transform your backyard into an oasis as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Even though the winters in Ottawa are severe, a fence construction job at this time is not out of the question.   

The Benefits of Fence Installation in the Fall and Winter

1. Off-Season Fence Installation Could Save You Money

During the off-season, you may be able to get a discount on improved items if you plan your fence installation job when the technicians aren’t as busy. Instead of a regular privacy fence, you may be able to stretch your privacy fence installation budget by purchasing a custom-made fence. The best thing you can do is acquire a quote from a professional fence installation like our team at Barrhaven Fence Contractors.

2. You’ll Almost Certainly Get a More Convenient Schedule

Because the majority of customers schedule fence installation projects in the spring and summer, your contractors will be busier and overstretched between contracts. If you have to wait for a team to complete another work, your fence installation might take longer. When you plan the job for the winter, the contractors will be less busy, and you’ll be less likely have to wait. You’ll have the new fence up sooner than you expect.

3. Fence Installation in the Winter Is Landscape-Friendly

Because the majority of your landscaping goes dormant in the winter, backyard construction is significantly less harmful to your plants. If you have shrubs near the fence installation site, they may be pruned down or even temporarily moved without inflicting long-term harm during their dormancy. Should you need to replace any plantings or re-landscape areas in which a fence was constructed, finishing the new fence project in the winter will allow you to get new plants in the ground earlier in the spring.

4. Months With Less Rain Are Preferable

The typical rainfall in spring is at its highest, which makes installation work for us at Barrhaven Fence Contractors somewhat challenging. Nonetheless, that’s when most people feel compelled to take on outside work, such as erecting a new fence. Dryer weather, on the other hand, is preferable for fence erection. Fence posts it faster when the ground is not wet. As a result, it’s advisable to set up a new fence before the wet spring months arrive.

5. It’ll be Ready for the Spring When it Arrives | Barrhaven Fence Contractor 

The main advantage of erecting a fence during winter is that you’ll be done with it by the time spring arrives. If you construct a fence in the autumn or winter, you will be sure to celebrate your new fence as soon as the weather warms up. On the first warm day of the season, let the dog and the kids out to play in the backyard since you have a spanking new fence primed and ready. A wintertime fence installation will not obstruct outdoor activities, however a spring or summer fence installation would hinder you from resting in your garden when you want.

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