Bytown Fence. Trusted Since 1989.

Buying a fence is a big investment. You have many choices. We would like to earn your business by earning your trust.

Bytown Fence was started in 1989 by our Executive VP, Ned Loughrey. In May 2019 the company was acquired by a locally-owned investment company, Value Factor Inc. Our new owners are committed to the highest standards of integrity.

Consider these three factors as you choose who will install your next fence:

  • COMMITMENT: When you buy a fence with a long-term warranty, pick a fence company that will be there for you. Bytown Fence has installed more than 10,000 fences in Ottawa since 1989. We’ll be there for you.
  • QUALITY: Our recently upgraded product offering includes only top grade wood, PVC, iron, and chain link products. We photograph and certify the depth of every post hole. We check to our specs. We’ll do good work.
  • DELIVERY: Our quotes are free. You pay a small booking fee when you sign a contract. This fee is applied to your contract if you go forward. Then, you pay as you go: 4 weeks ahead of the job, when final build starts, and when the job is completed to your satisfaction. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Consider Your Risks!

It’s your property, and it’s your money. Think carefully about who you pick.

We have security clearances for government work. Our employment practices, CRA status, HST payments, Worker’s Comp (WSIB), and liability insurance are correct and current. We have no bank debt. You can trust us.


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