5 Tips on Installing a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing in Ottawa has been and still is the most preferred way of fencing residential and commercial places, institutions, or any place in that case. The reason for that is because the installation of chain link fences is cost-effective and easy. That said, here are the top five tips on installing a chain link fence.

All You Need to Know about Chain Link Fences
A chain-link fence is made from galvanized steel wire and is coated with powder to make it durable. The chain link mesh can also be coated with green or black plastic to match the color of the posts. The posts are subsequently made from round steel with varying diameters and heights.

A chain-link fence is mostly used to provide security. Still, with its versatility, it has been used as a fence in various settings in Ottawa from boundaries, high-security places, and sports.

You do not need to be a professional to install a chain-link fence, and here are some common tips on installing a chain-link fence.

1. Identify the Area to Be Fenced.
Before even thinking of fencing, you should have a place to fence. After identifying it, inquire if there might be any building codes in that area. You also need to ensure that you have a permit in case of any restrictions concerning the types and heights of fences you may want to install.

2. Prepare a List of Materials You Will Need
Sketch a layout of the chain link fence you want to install first. Then list the materials needed, including end posts and line posts, chain link mesh, gates, wire ties, rails, and end post fittings such as post caps, tension, and brace bands. Estimate the amount required to purchase the materials.

3. Position the Posts
After purchasing the materials needed, installation of the chain link fence comes next. First, dig up the holes for the posts with a depth of about 30 inches and 12 inches in width. Place the posts vertically in the hole and fill it with concrete. Ensure that the posts are positioned in a straight line, and the distance between them is 2 to 3 meters. Leave the cement for a week to cure

4. Start Installing the Fence
With the posts in place, attach the tension and brace bands with the post caps to the end posts. Then also attach the eye tops to line posts and bolt the rail ends to the brace bands. Stretch the chain link mesh and fasten it to the posts using chain link ties every 24 inches to the top.

5. Place the Gates
When done with installing the chain link fence, place the gates at their selected position. Have the hinge of the bottom post facing up and the hinge of the top post facing down. Position the top rail of the gate to be in line with the top of the fence and fasten it with hinges before attaching the gate.

Choose a Supplier
Now that you have known how to install a chain-link fence, it is time to choose a trusted supplier. Chain link fence installation Ottawa is your answer. We are here to provide the materials and expertise needed to have a chain-link fence installed for you. We will also design the gate for you for free.

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