4 Residential fences: Which type of fencing do you need?

Do you know a fence can do more than mark your property line from your neighbours? The addition of a fence can enhance your home’s exterior look and even improve your family’s safety and security. While there are many different types of fencing available in the market, four have set themselves apart from others and gain more popularity among homeowners in Ottawa.

Residential fencing

Vinyl Fence for residential property

If you are looking for keeping out strangers and traffic noise from your properties inside, vinyl fencing is the right option. As vinyl fence in Ottawa provides privacy and security with both, you can enjoy the privacy of your backyard with your family and friends without intruding eyes while entertaining guests. Along with safety, they also add curb appeal to your maintenance-free property.

Wooden fence for residential property

If the look is a most critical concern than privacy for your fence, consider a wooden fence. The addition of wooden fencing around your property is a simple way to enhance the curb appeal to your home and yard. No matter your fence designs or colours, wood fencing can fulfil your desires. To maintain extra safety for your children or pet, you can install wooden fencing with locking gates.

PVC fence for residential property

Like white picket fencing, PVC is a great option. However, PVC fencing in Ottawa is the cheapest fencing materials and looks like wood pickets and posts. If you need a fence for privacy instead of security, you will never go wrong with PVC option. It stands for a long time, even in extreme weather conditions.

Wrought Iron Fence for residential property

Do you want classic or ornate look for your fencing? If so, choose a wrought iron fence for your residential property. However, it takes a lot of maintenance, so you need to repaint it every two to three years.

No matter your residential fencing type, it is essential to choose the one that increases your home’s curb appeal, safety and security. When going for purchasing a fence for your home, look for their benefits and ensure you choose the right one for your needs.

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